Can mobile power be brought to the plane?
According to the new regulations of CAAC:

The rated energy value of lithium-ion battery shall not exceed 100WH. If it exceeds 100wh but does not exceed 160wh, it can be loaded on the equipment in the delivered baggage or hand baggage with the approval of the airline. It is forbidden to carry the lithium-ion battery exceeding 160WH.

Generally, the rated voltage of lithium battery is about 3.7V, so the common mobile power supply within 20000mAh capacity on the market can be brought to the aircraft. The rated energy of the charger (WH) = rated voltage (V) × cell capacity (MAH) / 1000. For example, the rated energy of the mobile power supply of 10000mah is 3.7V * 10000mAh / 1000 = 37WH. (note that if the mobile power supply has no parameter identification or the identification is unclear, it cannot be carried.)
What is MFi certificate?
Apple MFi certification, is an identification use license that Apple (Apple Inc.) give to it’s authorized accessories manufacturers of external parts, is the abbreviation of "Made for iOS"
Can we put power bank under the sunshine?
We don’t suggest to put it under the sunshine, it will deduct the function after it stay in the high temperature for a long time
What is power bank
Power bank is kind of electronic products which combine the charging and discharging . it can charge mobile phone and other digital products at anytime and anywhere.

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